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Cornell University

COVID Testing Sites Accessibility Guidance

Please note that accessibility improvements are being made continuously which may impact the accuracy of access considerations listed below.

Accessible Building Signage during COVID:
Signs have been place on building entrances and within buildings across campus to provide information about building protocols including any directional flow and instructions for bathroom protocols.  There is a searchable website (Accessible Building Signage During COVID | Facilities and Campus Services ( which captures all of that information for people who are unable to see information on a temporary sign.  Contact information for building personnel are also provided.  Please contact those building personnel if you have any questions about building specific information.

Robert Purcell Community Center: 
This is one of the most physically accessible testing locations on campus. There are parking spaces near the main entrance and an automatic door opener into the building.  The only thing to be aware of is that the navigation inside might be a bit more challenging to understand as you have to go to the back side of the testing area to enter; once through the testing area, the exiting is clear.

Bartels Hall:
Access Assets:
  • Parking nearby including accessible parking 
  • Staff are stationed at doors to assist with entering 
  • There are automatic door operators going through the Friedman Strength and Conditioning end of the building that can be used if returning to vehicle or pick up area. 
Access Considerations:
  • Testing site is primarily accessible by stairs; there is an elevator available but it does involve entering the testing site through the typical “exit” path. 

Willard Straight Hall Library (4th floor of building):
Access Assets:
  • Most accessible parking is on the east side of the parking lot next to ADA parking spots.
  • There is a new elevator to use to get to 4th floor and directional signage from elevator to library.
Access Considerations:
  • Lines might be longer with little options for seating
  • There are heavier double doors into the library and they are narrower but staff are trying to keep them propped open as much as possible. 

ILR Conference Center:
Access Assets:
  • Accessible parking available proximate to location in lower parking area. 
  • Shorter lines typically
Access Considerations:
  • The exit route is longer than the entrance route.

College of Veterinary Medicine:
Access Assets:
  • Accessible parking nearby
  • Elevator access from interior
  • Doors propped open during testing hours. 

East Hill Plaza Training Room (Employee Only):
Access Assets:
  • An abundance of parking available 
Access Considerations:
  • Entry way does not have automatic door openers and may be narrow for a wheelchair user.

Downtown Ithaca 130 East Seneca Street:  Open Friday-Monday 10:00am-6:00pm only
Entrance from street and has automatic door openers and all aspects of the interior are accessible however if you enter through the hotel, then the route may be longer.  Additionally, the exit does not have automatic door openers.

Collegetown Trailer:  
Is not wheelchair accessible nor does it have parking.

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